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Top 10 things to do in Chengdu


1.    Giant Panda Breeding Research Base ( Xiongmao Jidi)

Giant Pandas, one of the rarest animals in the world and known as “living fossil”, are not only extolled as China’s “National Treasure”, but also beloved by people the world over. Chengdu is your best choice to see, feed and even hug the cute pandas.

Type: Nature & Wildlife Areas, Nature & Parks

Best Time: All year round

Recommended Visiting Hours: 3 ~ 4 hours

Open Hours: 07:30 ~ 18:00

Tickets: ¥58/person

Address: 1375 Panda Road, Northern Suburb, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.China


2.    Mount Qingsheng

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Mount Qingcheng is one of the cradles for Taoism in China. Front Mountain has many historical and cultural sites, while Rear Mountain is famous for its tranquil and stunning scenery, great place to breathe some fresh air and escape from the noises of the city.

Type: Mountains, World Heritage Sites, Religious Sites, Nature & Parks, Sights & Landmarks

Best Seasons: Summer

Recommended Visiting Time: Half day for Front Mountain, Half day for Rear Mountain

Opening Hours: March 2nd ~ November 30th: 8:00 to 17:00 /December 1st ~ March 1st: 8:00 to 18:00

Tickets: Front Qingcheng Mountain: ¥90; Rear Qingcheng Mountain: ¥20; Ten-Thousand Buddha Cave: ¥5; Crystal Cave: ¥10

Address: Qingcheng Mountain Town, Chengdu 611844, China


3.    Wenshu Yuan Monastry

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It’s an authentic and active Buddhist temple where you can see many locals worshiping and burning incense. Besides, Wenshu Yuan Monastery has lovely garden in the temple, and local people often stroll in the temple, and the most interesting part is seeing old men carrying their bird cages with them so that the birds can get some fresh air.

Type: Religious Sites, Sights & Landmarks

Best Time: All year round

Recommended Visiting Hours: 2 hours

Open Hours: 09:00 ~ 17:00

Tickets: ¥5/person

Address: No.66 Wenshuyuan Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu 610017, China


4.    Kuanzhai Ancient Street Of The Qing Dinasty

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Kuanzhai Ancient Street of Qing Dynasty, normally Kuanzhai Alley, also known as “Wide and Narrow Alley” or “Kuanzhaixiangzi Alley”, consists of three historic paralleled alleys from Qing dynasty. Ancient style buildings, local Chengdu life, delicious Sichuan snacks, exquisite Sichuan handicrafts, etc. make it one of the most attractive places in Chengdu for people from the whole world.

Type:National AA Scenic Spot, Famous Historical and Cultural Street, Ancient Buildings in Qing Dynasty, Historic Walking Areas, Sights & Landmarks

Best Seasons: All year round

Recommended Visiting Time: 2-3 hours

Opening Hours: 24 hours; most shops (bars excluded) close at 22:00-23:00

Tickets: Free

Address: Near Changshun Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu City.


5.    Jinli Pedstrian Street

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Jinli Pedestrian Street is “The First Street of Shu Kingdom”, and it’s a famous snack street in Chengdu. The ambiance was like stepping back into the past, well presented and historically brilliant. Evening stroll is extreme beautiful, and it’s picturesque with the lanterns lit out and the street performances are also wonderful.

Type: Points of Interest & Landmarks, Historic Walking Areas, Sights & Landmarks

Best Time: All year round

Recommended Visiting Hours: 2 ~ 3 hours

Open Hours: Some snack stores will close around 22:00, and some drinking bars will open all night

Tickets: Free

Address: No.231 Wuhouci Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu 610041, China


6.    Wuhou Memorial Temple

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Wuhou Temple, also called Wuhou Shrine or Wuhou Memorial Temple, is an ancestral temple in memory of Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei and other heroes in Shu of Three Kingdom.

Type: Largest Cultural Relics Museum of Three Kingdom, Chinese Style Architecture, Compact but Beautiful Tranquil Garden

Best Seasons: All Seasons

Recommended Visiting Time: 2~3 hours

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Tickets: 60 RMB/person

Address: No.231 Wuhou Temple Street, Chengdu city, Sichuan province


7.    Chengdu Renmin Park

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Located in the city center, Renmin Park is the first public park in Chengdu. It’s a beautiful city park, with artful landscaping, a bonsai garden, two tea houses, a section of kiddie amusement rides, a pond with row and motor boats that connects to winding streams filled with Koi. The park is filled with locals, and it’s a best place to experience the slow life of Chengdu by ordering a cup tea and you’ll have a wonderful relaxing afternoon.

Type: Nature & Parks

Best Seasons: All year round

Recommended Visiting Time: 1 ~ 2 hours

Opening Hours: All day

Tickets: Free when there are no activities; ¥12/person when there is flower show; ¥8 for the major festivals.

Address: No.12 Shaocheng Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu 610015, China


8.    Jinsha Site Museum

Located in Chengdu, Jinsha Site Museum is built on the original location of Jinsha Site that is found in 2001 and the first important archaeological discovery found in early 21 century in China. Plentiful unearthed relics of gold, jade, bronze, stone, ivory are exhibiting in 5 halls to show the historical culture of Chinese ancestors in ancient Shu Kingdom about 2900-3200 years ago.

Type: Historical Site Museum, National First-Class Museum, National Archaeological Site Part, National 4A Scenic Spot.

Best Seasons: All Seasons

Recommended Visiting Time: 2-3 hours

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Tickets: RMB 80/person; sales time: 8:00-17:30

Address: No.2, Jinsha Site Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu.


9.    Du Fu Cottage

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Du Fu Thatched Cottage is a museum and park in honor of Du Fu who is one most outstanding Chinese poet. Here people can not only explore Du Fu and Chinese Poetry, but also enjoy a sanctuary in the midst of a hectic city.

Type: Former Residence of Poet-Sage, Traditional Chinese Garden, Great Cultural Heritage

Best Seasons:All seasons

Recommended Visiting Time: 3 hours

Opening Hours: 8:00—18:30 from May to October, 8:00—18:00 from November to next April.

Tickets: 60 RMB/person

Address: No.37 Qinghua Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu city, Sichuan province


10.  Qingyang Palace (Green Ram Temple)

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Qingyang Palace is a Taoist temple nationwide known where Dao Zang Ji Yao, the most integrated collection to research Taoism is stored. In spite of a location in the busy and gritty center of Chengdu, Qingyang Palace makes an unexpected quiet and peaceful temple to glimpse of Taoism in China.

Type: Taoist Temple, Tranquil Park

Best Seasons:All seasons available

Recommended Visiting Time: 1~2 hours

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00

Tickets: 10 RMB/person

Address: West Section 2 of the First Ring road, Qingyang Distract, Chengdu, China

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