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Our History

  1. Residential Leasing

    Maxxelli is a licensed real estate firm in China providing leasing support to all our inbound assignees. It was only natural that we began to expand within the industry, but for the initial eight years, our focus was solely on residential leasing – developing necessary relationships within our markets.

  2. Residential Exxpansion

    Maxxelli launched two new services that grew out of our Mobility network to work in parallel with our residential leasing.

    “Maxxelli, I trust you, can you sell my property that you have been leasing for eight years?” Sure! We launched MaxxelliOneHouse.

    “Maxxelli, I trust you, can you renovate my property and market it as your own?” Sure! We launched the Corporate Apartment China brand (now Maxxelli Residence)

    We expanded our services, utilizing our relationships within the market.

  3. Residential Growth

    Both Maxxelli OneHouse and The Maxxelli Residence were developing throughout the network, along with the continued leasing services supporting our Mobility assignees. This built respect in Maxxelli’s local residential capabilities from external partners.

    Maxxelli developer market projects through both events and through knowledge sharing, where market reports became more frequent as the emergent property sales markets matured in China. Both foreign and local developers were coming to Maxxelli for support. Maxxelli, during this time, completed over 20 residential market reports.

    It was also during this period we began to manage short-term leasing through Airbnb and Tujia to support The Maxxelli Residence. The project provided Maxxelli with the exxperience needed to deliver Temporary Accommodation solutions throughout China.

  4. The Future

    Residential Leasing, Property Sales, Property Management, Residential Reports – They are all leading the end goal – The Maxxelli Residence. The goal and vision is for Maxxelli’s name to hang on its very own Residential Tower, managed in its entirety, as a single property utilizing 15+ years of Maxxelli’s residential leasing exxperience.

Residential Insights




Residential Leasing

Developing our network since 2004

The Network

In each Maxxelli city, we have developed our Landlord network at selected properties that cater towards expatriates residing in the city. This is where Maxxelli differs from the local street agents on every block. Their coverage is the whole city, whereas Maxxelli solely focuses on those compounds that are suitable for expatriates. Of course, general location within the city plays into our selection, near the International schools or Central Business District as an example, but we also focus on the below when selecting properties:

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  • Developer Standards – We only work with the highest quality developers throughout China to ensure building quality and safety.
  • Property Management – Whether outsourced by the developer or managed internally, for the long-term maintenance of the compound, we have a list of preferred property management firms.


Once the compounds are selected within a city, we then begin developing our landlord networks. In each operational Maxxelli city we have developed a network comprising thousands of investors with properties in suitable locations. Now, not all of those properties are available at all times, but we use our network to narrow down the best 10 to 15 properties matching the assignee needs when we conduct a home-search program.

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Truthfully, we just need one property that matches the needs of each assignee. We focus on the one by:

  • Well Managed Expectations – If you expect a villa like the South of France, you will be disappointed. We cannot change China, but only communicate the realities of China’s housing market
  • The 80% Rule – Not every home will meet 100% of assignee requests. If 80% of the needs are met, then the property is shown. The assignee can then make the decision on balancing the missing 20%

Negotiation and Preparation

When the home is selected, we then begin the negotiation phase and house preparation. The standard government contract, which local agents will typically use, is far too simple and does not protect both the assignee and landlord. Maxxelli, with residential leasing experience since 2004, has created our own leasing agreement that ensures compliancy and protection for both parties. We are also well experienced in supporting corporate leases as well.

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It is important to ensure:

  • Compliancy – The local leasing market can be complex. It takes a local expert to wade through the weeds and safeguard against many of the common snares that hamper residential leasing in China
  •  The Move-in – The move-in day is the single most important day of the entire lease. Between the lease signing and the move-in, Maxxelli continues to work tirelessly to prepare the property through a full-bodied program and checklist preparing the home for a single day

Tenancy management

Once the move-in is complete, Maxxelli remains available for Tenancy Management Support offering selected programs for the needs of the assignee and corporate account. We offer this support straight through to the Lease Renewal and eventual Departure.

  • Code of Practice – Maxxelli wrote the book, literally, on Tenancy Management in China.

Property Sales

Through trust comes natural progression

Maxxelli One House

Prior to launching Maxxelli One House, we had worked with both developers on new properties and investors looking to expand their portfolio in China. However, our trust and network, though, came from landlords who we had been working with in the leasing market for many years.

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In 2013, we developed our service model to bring value to the seller with a C2B2C model focused on providing high levels service. We do the work for the the seller and maximize the property value through an extensive network of panel agents. With more agents aware of the property, the value increases, and the home sells sooner. In addition to this, western practices of staging the property in an open house has led to the success of Maxxelli’s 2nd hand property sales.

For more information on Maxxelli One House, please follow this link.

New Property Sales

Network – Maxxelli’s value with 1st hand sales characterized by Service Exxcellence is increasing as new projects are launched. Maxxelli then markets these projects through our landlord network.

Market Research – Maxxelli’s market research is used to add value to the sales process. For pure investors, who are looking to eventually lease their property, the market knowledge Maxxelli provides is invaluable.

Developer Events – Maxxelli is definitely not an events planner, but launch parties for new projects and events during the sales process is another area where Maxxelli is adding value. Maxxelli brings both local investors and an international presence to these events.


Through filling a gap, the Maxxelli Residence was born

The Maxxelli Residence

In 2013, Maxxelli launched a new brand, Corporate Apartments China. The concept was easy, there was a gap in the market for internationally designed properties in SW China, so we decided to fill the gap ourselves. Rather than investing in the properties, we leased empty shells, invested in their renovations, then subleased them.

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Most of these properties were actually leased and designed on behalf of our clients requests with the eventual corporate leasing contracts meeting their standards.

Today, Corporate Apartments China is known as The Maxxelli Residence.

What was learnt in this process further expanded our business model.

Short Term Leasing

It was inevitable that with the Maxxelli Residence project, we were going to have empty months between tenants. We needed to solve this issue, which was around the time that Airbnb was entering China. The service was not just entering China, but exploding.

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Through trial and error we began to market our own properties on Airbnb and the local service options. Suddenly, many of our properties were now more valuable on the short-term leasing market than long-term markets.

Not limited to just the Maxxelli Residence, managing short-term leasing services is now also an added value service to our local landlord networks as we fill in the gaps between long-term tenants.