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Our History

  1. 2004 – Exciting Beginnings!

    Maximilian Spitzy (Maxx..) and Manuel Mauritz (..elli) from Austria open Maxxelli’s first office in Suzhou, a rapidly developing second-tier city in Eastern China.
    Kevin Yap from Singapore is hired as General Manager and would go on to become a partner in the operations.

  2. 2006 – First Expansion

    Peter Kuppens from Holland arrives in China after traveling the world and decides to settle down in Chengdu, a rapidly developing second-tier city in Western China.
    Peter is introduced to Max and Manuel who were looking to expand the Maxxelli footprint. With a common vision of the great potential of second-tier China the new friends hit it off and become partners to expand the Maxxelli brand in China.

  3. 2007 – Rapid Growth

    Rapid customer growth in both Suzhou and Chengdu led to increased confidence. The Maxxelli footprint expanded to more second-tier cities including Wuxi and Hangzhou.
    New solutions such as the Taxi-Book were created to support our inbound assignees settling in to their new cities. The Taxi-Book has since become an independent product with a handy mobile app helping thousands of expats navigate their way around China.

  4. 2008 – Expansion Despite Challenge

    Maxxelli expanded with its 5th office opening in the Western boomtown of Chongqing.
    Adam McWhirter from Canada is hired as the GM for Chongqing, later relocating to Chengdu to become Managing Director for China, and a partner in the operations.
    Later in the year the global financial crisis hits, having a big impact on many of Maxxelli’s multi-national clients and becoming a big challenge for the company.

  5. 2009 – Forming our Values

    During the downturn in business due to the global financial crisis, Maxxelli used the opportunity to modernize its business processes to ensure remaining clients became even better served for their mobility needs.
    New system tools and processes were combined into our holistic Operational Exxcellence program. This program includes our core values known as the Maxxelli-8, as well as our internal data tracking platform, Maxxelliweb.
    Maxxelli opened a new office in Wuhan, Hubei province, our sixth in China, and signed its largest account to date which is still being managed today.

  6. 2010 – Increased Initiations

    This year saw a new surge in foreign direct investment (FDI) projects in China leading to a new peak in the need for mobility services.
    Maxxelli was perfectly placed and ready to play its part in this market boom. We began supporting numerous multinational Oil & Gas and Automotive companies entering China in various cities such as Chengdu, Chongqing and the Greater Shanghai region (Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces).
    The Maxxelli reputation for Operational Exxcellence and Service Exxcellence was growing.

  7. 2011 – Expansion

    A new office in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, was opened to serve a large French Oil & Gas client and another in Changsha, Hunan province, to support a global Steel Manufacturer; programs both still operating today.
    Maxxelli now has operational offices across 9 Chinese cities.

  8. 2012 – Into Shanghai and more!

    Maxxelli expands north to Dalian and south to Shenzhen.
    We also entered the Shanghai market, our first first-tier China location. Although still focusing on second-tier China we wanted to be closer to many of our multi-national clients in order to be more responsive to their mobility needs around all of China including Shanghai.

  9. 2013 – The Next Vision

    Now with 13 operational offices and 3 divisions, Maxxelli continues to solidify its status as having one of the largest destination service provider (DSP) networks around all of China.
    We created what is known as our 2020 Vision – twenty operational cities by 2020.

  10. 2014 –The Hub Model

    This year Maxxelli developed 2 key initiatives to support future development.
    The first, the “remote service model” enabling Maxxelli to service all of China including remote 3rd and 4th tier cities.
    The second is the creation of our four “Hub Offices” to manage different regions including Southwest China (Chengdu), Central China (Wuhan), Jiangsu (Suzhou) and the Greater Shanghai region (Shanghai).

  11. 2015 – Beyond Second Tier

    Numerous cities in China see inbound assignees, but in many of these locations there is often not the volume to justify a fully operational DSP office. To address this issue Maxxelli launches our “Remote City Service” model.
    Maxxelli has since supported initiations in more than 25 smaller cities, from Haikou to Harbin, from Nanning to Urumqi – there is no city in China that Maxxelli is unable to deliver service.

  12. 2016 – Stimulating Shanghai & Developing Remote Cities

    With the success of our “Remote City Service” model for third and fourth-tier China Maxxelli adapts it to better support such huge megalopolises as Shanghai.
    Instead of one office supporting the whole city we place dedicated consultants in various districts around the city so they can be closer and therefore more responsive to the assignees they are responsible for looking after.

    This model has further developed with our “Three Point Communication” solution. At each step of the process, Maxxelli ensures 3 points of communication to enable consistency.

    Some large foreign investment projects in remote areas still require the service of a fully operational DSP office to ensure their expat staff are well taken care of in such challenging environments. This year Maxxelli is retained by an American Automotive firm to set up such an office on their behalf in Liuzhou, Guangxi province.
    The Maxxelli model of Maxxelli-People, Maxxelli-Tools and Maxxelliweb proves it can work in remote cities.

  13. 2019 – Optimism

    Maxxelli has not just survived, but has thrived in China’s rapidly changing mobility market; taking on the unique challenges of China’s second and lower-tier cities.
    Today, we have consultants spread across 10 cities – and direct exxperience of supporting expats in over 30 Chinese cities, from first-tier to fourth-tier.
    Our 2020 Vision is forever in site, but our current focus is utilizing the knowledge and exxperience gained from the past 15 years of operation to continuously improve our service to each and every one of the hundreds of assignees we serve.
    We, Maxxelli, are proud of where we are today, but are still hungry for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Maxxelli Insights




Managing Exxpectations

If you expect apples, and we give you oranges, no matter how delicious those oranges are – you will disappointed.

We can break down communication into many elements from responsiveness to clarity to listening, but the key for any DSP Consultant to achieve success is “Managing Expectations.” As a Destination Service Provider in China, there is so much out of our control, the housing, the city, the country – we cannot change China, but we aim to manage expectations of its reality. This is about first listening to each assignee, then balancing their needs through communication on the realities of the market and service


All Maxxelli, Consultants go through extensive training on the importance of Managing Expectations in their daily operations. No matter who they are supporting, if the expectations on the outcome are managed well, there are no issues.

The Mobility Process

Account Establishment

Initiation Phase

Service Delivery Preparation

Service Delivery

Contract & Property Preparation


Settling-in & Tenancy Management

Standardized Reporting

Everything is a Process

Maxxelli’s DSP processes developed along with China’s development. There was no existing service network for us to piggyback off of – we built everything from the ground up. We developed an extremely comprehensive system of tools, processes, checklists and email templates etc. in order to ensure 100% Operational Exxcellence throughout our network. There is no DSP in China with a portfolio as wide and varied as  Maxxelli’s.

Service Exxcellence is Our Culture
Operational Exxcellence is The Process


Maxxelli prides itself on being the most innovative DSP in not only China, but globally

Innovation is in Maxxelli’s DNA

We take pride in our consultants ability to innovate and continuously push Maxxelli forward. To us innovation is about the simple things that can improve efficiency and improve our clients experience in China, such as improving and regularly updating checklists to resolve common issues. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our service offering to continue to be the best in the industry.

Hub Management

Maxxelli operates in China with a HUB Management system. Currently we have four HUBS (SW China, Central China, Greater Shanghai and Jiangsu), with plans for three more in Greater Beijing, North China and South China.

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With just two operational cities at the beginning the management was simple, one director with teams in both cities. As the brand grew throughout China, however, this system began to waver.   It was a challenge for a single director to be aware of everything in multiple cities, so we implemented a new Hub Management system throughout the Maxxelli network. Each HUB office has an Operational Manager that manages the region with separate teams in each city. There is still a China Management Team overseeing the country, but the added layer of HUB Office Managers ensures service exxcellence.

Remote City Service

Maxxelli cannot be in every city when the volume does not warrant fulltime staff, but we found a solution

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As long as service is required within Mainland China, no problem, Maxxelli can support in any location. Many remote cities can not justify full-time consultants, but we are still requested to provide service there. Due to the frequency of these requests, we developed a “Remote City Service” model with consultants who specialize in scouting out new and unfamiliar locations. They will fly into the city and carry out the required research according to our standard process model. All Destination Services are able to be provided in person except for Tenancy Management which is provided remotely via telephone

The Maxxelli-8

The Maxxelli 8 are the core values all Maxxelli staff are instilled with. These 8 simple words have been the backbone of Maxxelli’s growth in China and how we hire, train and motivate Maxxelli staff throughout our network.

Decision Making

The Maxxelli Communication Triangle

Maxxelli will apply a Three Point Communication system for the entirety of the Destination Service process. At each phase, each step of the process, the communication will be coordinated through three parties.

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As an example, all TMS Communication is tracked via a WeChat TMS Triangle. This allows management to monitor all communication between the TMS Consultant and Assignee, jumping in to support when needed and resolving any potential escalations before they happen.

Since implementing the Three Point Communication, we have seen increased assignee satisfaction throughout China on all accounts

The Maxxelli WoW Exxperience

Starbucks is simple – you walk in, order your coffee, take 6 steps to the right while you connect to the wifi, which always works, then grab your coffee with your name on it and sit down.

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The Touch-Point is quick, and although well managed, is a simple service with everything under Starbucks’ control.

In comparison, “Hey Kevin, we have this client coming in. Yeah, I want you to provide great service until they are not our client 3 years from now…” does not make much sense for us to say.

As a DSP:

–  Our service is essentially 3 years long on average

–  Our product is an entire country/city with a property we do not own or


Our service delivery is much more dynamic than service at Starbucks.

Of course, processes are tracked via Maxxelliweb, but we also track great service initiatives and instill the belief in positive Touch-Points into all of our consultants.

“Hey Kevin, we have this client coming. They will be our client for 3 years. Let’s work together and ensure at each individual Touch-Point the assignee receives the best possible service.”

Focusing on individual Touch-Points is much more realistic than attempting to focus on three years of service.

Zero Escalation

There is no such thing as perfect service, only Zero Escalations.

Through process development, the Maxxelli Consultants have been trained to mitigate any potential escalation.

At each step of the service delivery, Maxxelli has developed a process flow for each potential scenario and action plans to ensure escalations are frozen immediately.

The Maxxelli Code of Practice

Maxxelli wrote the book on Tenancy Management in China, literally. The Maxxelli Code of Practice is the ultimate guide to Tenancy Management in China. There was no available standard to follow, so we decided to create one. The book was written to manage exxpectations of both the tenant and landlord from negotiating the lease to ongoing residency issues. Everything from burnt out light bulbs to a broken toaster, we wrote the standard on repairs and accountability.

Follow this link for a pdf version of the Maxxelli Code of Practice


Everything at Maxxelli is tracked via Maxxelli web, which supports our accounts with accurate data. From Initiation to Departure, from Contract Folders to Contract Training, Maxxelli has developed online processes to enhance our service delivery and track needed data points. As a DSP in China, we looked at many of the out-of-the-box solutions, but due to the uniqueness of the China market and our service offerings, we felt that it was better to develop our own internal IT system – Maxxelliweb!