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Hiring a nanny in China


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor price

The price for a nanny varies a lot and there are some factors which have effect on the price. One of them is the city where you are in, for instance in Shanghai is the price higher than in Chengdu. Also the price can vary a lot if you want an English speaking nanny, simply due to the fact that most of the nannies don’t speak English and therefore they will charge a significant higher wage and are also harder to find. Also the experience effects the price, for instance if the nanny has experience working for expats families or is already being a nanny for years with positive feedback will also influence the price.

Full-time ( Six days per week ) 3,000-12,000 RMB

Part-time ( Per hour ) 20-50 RMB


No matter how you search for a nanny, prepare to do your own due diligence. The government does have labor laws that vary by province and approves certain nanny training programs for infant and early childhood care.

In practice, the most important part of finding a nanny is personally discussing all expectations up front. One agency estimated that 70% of parents’ decisions are based on personal interviews and interactions, with only about 30% of the emphasis on correct paperwork. State training may not align with a family’s personal childcare philosophy or customs, so in most cases the cultural expectations and personality fit are the first priority. To navigate this, in addition to standard background checks, health exams, and past employer referrals, our guide will share a few nuanced questions to ask depending on how you search for a nanny.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor agency

Agencies are there to help you save time to find the right nanny. The will do a background check for you so you know the nanny is reliable. Some agencies want to do the interview with the nannies themselves , so you won’t be part of this but you should always interview them yourself in order to know if the nanny meet your expectations and you have a good feeling with that person.

On top of individual differences, childrearing and discipline styles between Chinese and Western families are very different, especially if the nanny is from a small city. Expect that there might be some small and big differences between you and the nanny and therefore interviewing the nanny yourself is of high importance.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor referrals

Finding a nanny through referrals is also a approach you can use. Asking colleagues or friends about a nanny can help a lot especially if they have good experience with them. Especially referrals from other expats will help you out a lot and after all it is also a bit cheaper than using an agency.

Only the difficulty is in doing the background check yourself , which is something you always should do. Also The difficulty is negotiating every detail in advance to ensure a safe and compatible working relationship.

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