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Company Support Services

Maxxelli Consulting provides a wide range of practical and cost effective China business consulting and support services to help you grow your business across China.

Distribution Channels

Select distributors:
Maxxelli Consulting understands that a distributor can make or break our client’s success in China. Our extensive network and years of working with Chinese partners can expedite finding the right partner for your business.

Offline Retail:
Some clients require a physical location to sell their goods and services in China. Our property experts can help locate ideal locations to establish various sized retail outlets across China.

Online Retail:
E-commerce is the main engine for China’s rapid consumption-led growth. We help you make sense of the online shopping universe and recommend platform(s) best suited for your products.

Marketing Strategy

Brand Messaging:
After pinpointing the key demographic target markets for your products we will work with you to design a strong message that will resonate with these consumers.

Choosing the right media:
Maxxelli Consulting can help choose the most cost effective media channels to market your products and services in China.

Marketing Campaigns:
Maxxelli Consulting will assist you to formulate and execute effective marketing campaigns.

Activation Campaigns

Organize in-store demonstrations:
Maxxelli Consulting understands that direct contact with consumers is a powerful way to build your brand awareness in China. We can organize in-store demonstrations and gather valuable consumer feedback on your behalf.

Attend Exhibitions:
Let Maxxelli Consulting attend trade exhibitions in China on your behalf to manage a booth for your products or gather information on market participants.

Localized SEO and Content Marketing

Search Engines SEO:
We will help choose the best key words and design content to improve your rankings on Chinese search engines including Baidu, Sogou etc.

Social Media Channels:
Maxxelli Consulting can help you create attractive content for China’s leading social media platforms WeChat (WeiXin) and Weibo as well as industry specific platforms such as Mafengwo (tourism), Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book – e-commerce), Maotuying (tourism) etc.

Due Diligence

Appraisal of potential partners:
Our knowledge of the business environment in China allows us to assess various suitors, helping clients enter into agreements with reliable partners.

Appraisal of investment targets:
Maxxelli Consulting can help you analyze and evaluate potential investment projects in China.

Sales Representative

Maxxelli has years of experience marketing imported products and services in China. If your product is the right fit for our distribution team, Maxxelli can act as your local or national distributor.


Maxxelli Consulting can arrange for you to meet potential business partners in many cities around China.

Business Trip Arrangement

Maxxelli has organized Chinese business delegations to visit Europe as well as Western business delegations to visit China.
Apart from logistical arrangements including accommodation and transportation, we can also setup meetings with various local government authorities and business associations to make your trip even more productive.

Contact us today to discuss various support services that can facilitate your business expansion in China.