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China Market Research

China – Much More Than One Market!

It’s tens of regional markets, hundreds of municipal markets and many thousands of neighborhood markets.

Regional disparities call for on-the-ground consumer research in each region and localized strategies developed accordingly. Maxxelli Consulting can help you collect valuable data and insights through our wide variety of China market research offerings.

Entry feasibility

Market Data:
Maxxelli Consulting will collect the China market data you need to analyze the feasibility of your business plans.

Market Trends:
Maxxelli Consulting is able to draw on our extensive China business experience to provide our clients with information on historical changes, current developments and future trends in China related to your products and services.

Rules and Regulations:
We ensure clients are able to efficiently operate in China by providing you with the latest national and local regulations and offering advice and support whenever an obstacle arises.

Target Customer Analysis

Customer Profiles:
We will help you target the right customers for your products.

Consumer Trends:
In-depth market research to provide clients with demographic statistics and consumer trends.

Key Influencers:
Chinese consumers are heavily influenced by KOLs (key opinion leaders) in all sectors. Maxxelli Consulting can help find the right ones to promote your products.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Profiles:
Find out who are the established competitors in China for your products and services.

We carry out extensive research on local pricing structures to help clients establish competitive and profitable price models.

Quantitative and Qualitative Data Collection

Our dedicated team are able to carry out extensive fieldwork in Chinese second-tier cities, ensuring you have the best customer data and insights into local consumer behavior.

Focus Groups:
Our team will organize and lead focus groups, encouraging discussion and debate about your products and marketing strategies.

Store/site visits:
Maxxelli Consulting staff can visit offline stores and online platforms across China to gather valuable data on your products and services.

Knowledge Transfer

Written Reports and Regular Updates for your Overseas Team
We understand that clients value clear information and practical advice. Maxxelli Consulting ensures that all reports include actionable recommendations.

Contact us today to discuss what kind of market research services you need to expand your business in China.